David Sharruf 

Born in Manilla, Philippines


  • Don Pablo Cigar Co. Las Vegas, NV. 1988
  • Cuban Cigar Factory San Diego, CA 1994
  • Cigar Factory New Orleans 1999
  • Cigar Factory Destin 2015
  • Cigar Factory Pensacola 2017


 ” Find what you love to do and you’ll never have worked a day in your life.”

None of these factories would have been possible without the support of the following:

  • Don Pablo Frias of Teri’s Cigars in Santa Ana, California (My mentor) 
  • From Don Pablo I met some of the most important people in the Tobacco Industry that would ensure my future.

Special Thanks 

  • The Olivia Family of Olivia Tobacco
  • Savino Portello of Pureleaf Tobacco
  • David Perez of A.S.P. Tobacco

They kept me going even through the Cigar boom of the 90s with great tobacco.

Thanks Again,